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Hi Everyone,

My name is Larry, and I’m a Youtube Creator where I talk about Investment Strategy on U.S and China Macro along with my opinions on companies that I directly cover.

Outside of Youtube, I own a leading educational company named Tigerway that helps hundreds of teen youth every year improve their academic critical thinking and secure better future in U.S. college admissions.

My committment to education is intense, and you will see that I am not a traditional Investment Strategist. Much of my content will incorporate life views, philosophy, and advice geared towards helping you achieve self-actualization.

I love my work, and hope you enjoy it as much I enjoy producing it.

Important note: While I am happy to share my observations and opinions with the good folks, please understand that everything I discuss is my own personal journaling and intended for education. Please consult a financial advisor for actual transacting advice as my content is not financial advice.

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If you do join our Community, please understand that we have deliberately priced our Community to be accessible to all and have a no-refund policy given that the value provided far exceeds the cost of entry.

A quick introduction about me (60 second video)

On my Youtube channel, we get to build a connection together via video. Inside my Patreon or Substack Investment Community, I share my best researched ideas to take advantage of opportunities in the market from a short, intermediate, and long term perspective. And here on Substack, I get to connect with you via the written word.

If you’re looking for deeper insights beyond what I share publicly, I warmly invite you to join my community if you share the same values and philosophy that I do.

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To understand the psychology behind my decision making and how my methodology works, please take a moment to read these two posts:

1.) Psychology & Mindset:

Letters from Larry: U.S & China Investment Strategy
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2.) How my methodology in Intermediate-Term Investing works (what my expected win-rates and position management looks like)

Letters from Larry: U.S & China Investment Strategy
Recap & Outlook: A Recap of Views Shared so far in 2023 (Opened to the Public) - Understanding Intermediate-Term Investing
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I wish you great success, and look forward to delivering you powerful value.

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Larry Cheung, CFA 

U.S. & China Investment Strategist on Youtube Educator-Owner at Tigerway

Larry's Analyst Team 

Larry Cheung, CFA's Analyst Team with Timothy Chang and Eva Li


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