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Hi Everyone,

My name is Larry, and I’m a Youtube Creator where I talk about Investment Strategy on U.S and China Macro along with my opinions on companies that I directly cover.

In markets, I am a market participant in 3 timeframes: Intraday, Intermediate-Term, and Long-Term. In Intraday timeframes, my focus is primarily on ES (S&P 500 Proxy) and NQ (Nasdaq-100 Proxy).

For intermediate-term and long-term views, I use DCF Modeling and Technical Analysis to find uncovered opportunities.

DCF Modeling:

Outside of Youtube, I own a leading educational company named Tigerway that helps hundreds of teen youth every year improve their academic critical thinking and secure better future in U.S. college admissions. My commitment to education is intense, and you will see that I am not a traditional Investment Strategist. Much of my content will incorporate life views, philosophy, and advice geared towards helping you achieve self-actualization.

I love my work, and hope you enjoy it as much I enjoy producing it.

One of the most valuable perks upon joining our Community is access to our Options Bootcamp Course Recording to help you learn my exact methodology to succeed.

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I wish you great success, and look forward to delivering you powerful value.

-Larry Cheung, CFA

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Inside his Substack Community, Strategist Larry Cheung, CFA (Youtube Creator: 100K+ Friends) discusses his views on U.S. & China Macro Investment Strategy. Key Levels and Risk/Reward on thematic investment ideas are discussed.


Key Opinion Leader on Youtube for U.S and China Investment Strategy. Intraday S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 Market Participant // Intermediate-Term, Long-Term Investing using DCF Modeling.
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